reflect your personality.

Your preferences are as different as your fingerprint. Think about the recipes you love or the clothes that look just right on you. Imprezza extends its choices to match your personality. From quiet to bold, we have a style for you.


Novato Cabinets

Every Imprezza cabinet box is built in the frameless style with reliable construction in every joint. For the drawer box, the Novato line offers two options, wood or metal. The standard wood drawer box follows the classic style of furniture quality features, including hardwood sides, a matching veneer plywood bottom and dovetailed corners. Go a step further with the plywood cabinet box construction option, which allows you to maintain style with extra sturdiness.

Brio Cabinets

In the tradition of European cabinet construction, the Brio cabinet box is a frameless design built to provide easy access inside. Our standard box options start with superb construction methods and high quality materials and hinges, a combination that will keep your cabinetry performing perfectly for years.

Personalize Your Space

When it comes down to the details, Imprezza has you covered. Our embellishment options, from decorative mouldings at the top to range hoods to various styles of legs at the bottom, are an invitation to express yourself. They are the flourish in your signature. Whether it is a stunning corbel with a perfectly matching finish or a set of sleekly contrasting aluminum legs, our embellishment integration within your space is flawless.

Finishes to Please

Today's colour palette makes a statement with everyone's favourite trendsetting hues. Whether selecting a classic paint, fashionable thermofoil, or sumptuous woodgrain, you'll love our up-to-the-minute stylish grey and neutral tones. Right on the mark with home fashion trends, Imprezza leads the way with a range of choices that are guaranteed to please.

Seek and Find

Easy does it! Locating everyday items isn't a game or a chore with our versatile storage accessories. Our handy pullouts mean less bending and reaching, while organizing is a snap with tools that keep even the smallest of necessities in their place. Ease of movement and easy to clean are the key elements for any family, from new parents with little time and too few hands, to aging homeowners longing for convenience and betters things to do!